Stone Heart Cover Image

Peter J Merrigan

If destiny is set in stone... How can you change it?

Áed was just a young warrior. But when love finds him, it gives him something to fight for.

And when war comes to their shores, he must champion himself against a fierce army of foreigners to protect his people.

Rónán had no interest in anything but fighting. But Áed sparks something inside him.

Together, they must fight for the survival of their people when a race of men long thought dead returns to claim their lands. But with Rónán’s intended bride standing on the side-lines, can they put away their own problems and work together to save a nation?

With an invading army slaughtering its way across their borders, Áed and Rónán must become the legends they are destined to be - or not even the druids can help them.

ISBN: 978-1547283958
Publisher: Nightsgale Books

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