The Ailigh Wars Saga


Venture into the Iron Age world of Irish legends in the brand new book series, The Ailigh Wars Saga. Visit Ireland circa 2,300 years ago.

A nation divided.

Before St Patrick, before Christ, the Irish hills were populated by fierce Celtic tribes. They were a proud people. A strong people.

A world at war.

Before the Norman and Viking invasions, Ireland's hillsides rang loud with the clash of sword against sword, shield against skull.

And only one Clan can stop it.

Join the war — It's time to fight for what you believe in.

For two boys, it will be gruelling.

For Ireland, it will be bloody.

Stone Heart
Ireland, 279 BC. A nation at war.

For two boys, it will be gruelling. For Ireland… it will be bloody.

When the first raiding skirmishes of a foreign army are crushed and Ireland mourns her dead, one king knows their newfound peace is destined to fail. As Overking of Ailigh, Keeper of the North, he calls for the boys of his Celtic tribes to train as formidable warriors under his command.

For Áed, it begins as a fantastical quest. For Rónán, it helps him escape a cruel chieftain. Together, they must train and grow in strength and might. And when the invading army returns, a nation goes to war, united under one banner.

Meanwhile, Áed's sister begins her training as a druid, learning the spiritual ways of the earth. And when the goddess Cáer speaks to her in her dreams, she knows that Ireland's future hangs in the balance.

With Áed skilled in close combat, and Rónán blessed with an archer's eye, they fight side by side, champions of the Celts. But death is close. And the tides of war are forever in flux.

The Irish Celts know one thing: if the warmongering foreigners aren't defeated, not even the druids can change the course of destiny.

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