About Peter J Merrigan

Author Peter J MerriganPeter J Merrigan was born and raised in Derry, Northern Ireland. He was first published in the Simon & Schuster anthology, Children of the Troubles, edited by Laurel Holliday, when he was 17.

Following a Bachelor of Arts in Writing from London, Peter spent nineteen years in England as a marketing and advertising professional before returning to his native town in 2016.

He lives with his fiancé in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

His first novel was The Camel Trail, a thriller/suspense novel. It was followed by two modern-day LGBT thrillers in the Rider series before Peter turned to the past and began a new journey into Celtic Ireland with the publication of Stone Heart and the subsequent Ailigh Wars Saga novels. Book 2 in the Ailigh Wars Saga, Stone Forged, is coming soon.

Books by Peter J Merrigan

Stone Forged (Ailigh Wars Saga #2)
Stone Heart (Ailigh Wars Saga #1)

Lynch (Rider #2)
Rider (Rider #1)
The Camel Trail

Anthologies featuring works by Peter J Merrigan

“Children of the Troubles” edited by Laurel Holliday
“Voices from the Web” (vol. 1) edited by John Griffiths
“A Sporting Chance” edited by Ronnie Goodyer
“Voices from the Web” (vol. 2) edited by John Griffiths
“The Horror Express” (#2) edited by Marc Shemmans