Stone Heart Release Date Announced

Finally – a release date!

Stone Heart, the novel I have been working on for the last year and a half, has now officially received a release date! The paperback and ebook versions will be available from July 16, 2018.

But that’s not all! There will also be a LIMITED EDITION hardcover version released at the end of July or early August.

Limited Edition Hardcover

The hardcover release will be limited to only 100 copies. It will include the exclusive prequel, and a look forward at what is still to come… And there is much more still to come!

If you look really closely at the cover image, you’ll see that Stone Heart is billed as a ‘prelude’ to the Ailigh Wars saga. Are you excited yet?

The Ailigh Wars Saga

The bad news is, Stone Heart is not the beginning of a trilogy or book series. The good news? It forms the basis for a brand new series still to follow, and acts as a prelude to what will be known as the Ailigh Wars saga. If you get to the end of Stone Heart and you’re hungry for more, fear not! Ailigh Wars will give you everything you ever wanted in a Celtic Irish book series!

Stone Heart

And now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for: the blurb.

Ireland. Where legends are born.

Following the raiding skirmishes of an invading nation, Ireland forms its first ever standing army. Made up of the boys of its uniting tribes, they train not just to fight, but to win.

Young Áed finds himself far from his family, training and working in a hillfort that overlooks the North. With his best friend, Rónán, they grow and learn together:

What it means to fight, and what it means to love.

But as they grow into the legends they are duty-bound to become, not even the druids will have the power to stop the course of destiny.

Hearts of Stone
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The Prequel (to the prelude)

I’ll update you all once the ebook is available for pre-order (in a day or two). In the mean time, if you haven’t read the exclusive short-story prequel, Hearts of Stone, yet – get on it now! Click here to grab a free copy.

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