Shorts and Short Stories

Shorts and Short Stories


A never-before-released anthology collection of Peter's short stories – some sad, some funny, but all strange.


Sit back and relax – or not – with a few selected short stories from Peter J Merrigan. From an eyewitness account of a bombing attack during WWII, to a strange encounter following a car crash, or the conversations of two boys who want nothing more than to be who they are, or the story of a woman plagued by the devil… Some of these tales are sad, some are funny, but all of them are strange.

Full Contents:

Air Raid
All I Want to do is Scream
Mark Got Clever
After the Crash
Like the Frickin’ Dinosaurs
Dancing with the Dead
In the Event of Death
Little Dancer, Aged Nineteen
Merry Christmas, Anita Sanchez
Painless Night


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