The Rider Series (1 and 2)


Enjoy both books in the Rider series by Peter J Merrigan – Rider and Lynch.


Download both books in the Rider series – Rider and Lynch – in one easy package.


The Rider Series Book 1

Love. Betrayal. Revenge.

When Kane Rider’s partner is murdered, he has no time to grieve. He is quickly thrust into a world of secrets and lies, pursued by criminals for something he knows nothing about.

He thought he had the perfect life, but all that changes the night Ryan Cassidy is stabbed to death. As Ryan’s secrets slowly come to light, Kane must challenge what he thought to be the truth with what he knows could kill him.

With nowhere to hide, and no one to turn to, he has only one choice – survive or die.


The Rider Series Book 2


Eighteen months after their ordeal in London, Kane Rider and Margaret Bernhard are secured in witness protection and moving on with their lives.

But Alberto Ramirez isn’t about to let them off so easily.


Ex-Spanish soldier turned hired-hitman Miguel Fernandez has a taste for blood. Employed by kingpin Ramirez, he’s now on the trail of a man and woman who disappeared a year and a half ago.


Interpol detective Ann Clark, responsible for getting Kane and Margaret into witness protection, is at a loose end. Suspended from the force for a careless mistake, but determined to protect her charges, the decisions she makes now will have consequences for them all.


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