Hot News: RIDER Book 3 Announcement

With the release last week of second editions (reformatted, updated and redesigned), I had a talk with my editor who reminded me I still needed to finish the Rider series.

And I said yes.

Let me be honest – it’s not something I had ever intended on doing. Rider (book one) started off as a standalone. When I dropped the final full stop (you Yanks call them periods) into place on the last page, I thought I was done with Kane, Margaret, Clark and the others.

But my editor convinced me it needed a sequel. So I wrote Lynch, but I was never exactly happy with it. The writing was fine (I think), I just wasn’t ready to let go of Ryan when I wrote the new love interest.

With that done and dusted, I reread both books (something I always refuse to do with my novels), and it struck me that I’m still not finished with Kane. He needs his chance to fight back, to put things right. To honour the memories of those he has lost… And to set his own mind at peace.

There’s still a part of Kane in me, and he needs to get out.

So this week, I have blurted through the first chapter of the third (and, yes, the final) book in the series. It’s my chance to do right by Kane. And Kane’s chance to finally say goodbye.

Whether it pleases you or not, a third instalment is coming. And we’re aiming for an early 2018 release date. Stay tuned!

Catch the first two books now if you haven’t already. Click here.

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