GDPR, the Mailing List, and you

You’ve seen it a million times over the last month. You’ve clicked “I accept” and you’ve received the emails telling you that this site and that site has updated their privacy policy.

And this is just more of the same.

The Mailing List

Until now, I haven’t really been making the most of my mailing list. That’s my own fault for failing to keep you guys informed.

Given that I had so few subscribers (I could count them on my fingers), I have decided to retire the existing mailing list and start again, ensuring I am fully compliant with the new EU laws on General Data Protection Rules. Even if you have signed up before, you should do so again now.

What’s the deal?

Essentially, GDPR laws mean that you, as a subscriber, need to be fully aware of what information websites gather from you, and why or how they intend to use that.

Peter J Merrigan

Here, with our brand new mailing list, we will only collect your email address when you subscribe – we don’t even want your name. You will receive an email once a month with information on Peter’s novels, news updates, and free stories each month for you to read and enjoy. We’ll also inform you of Peter’s new releases (like when Stone Heart will be published).

And that’s it. Trust me, we hate spam as much as you do.

What about cookies?

Cookies are small text files that every single website drops on your computer. When you first visit a site like ours, you’ll now be presented with a cookie declaration that you should either accept or reject. We use cookies on this site so that we can enhance your experience – if you’ve closed the mailing list pop-up, for example, we won’t show you it again unless you remove your cookies. The cookie tells the website that you’ve already been here before and we won’t bother introducing everything to you again.

If I told you my name, every time we met, you’d soon begin to hate me. In that respect, a cookie is just a memory that we already know each other.

Is it secret? Is it safe?

Although nothing you put on the internet is 100% safe, we aim to make sure every interaction we have together remains as secure as possible.

When you join our mailing list, your email is passed from our website to the servers at MailChimp. MailChimp is the email platform we use to send you those monthly emails. MailChimp have their own privacy policy that you may find worth reading.

Your email address is not stored on Peter J Merrigan’s website. Once it is passed over to MailChimp, we no longer retain it.

Read our own Privacy Policy now to make sure you fully understand what information we receive from you and how we use it.

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