Do or Do Not; There is No Try

In the almighty words of a certain little green man (that’s Yoda, if you hadn’t realised), Do or do not; there is no try. But what does that actually amount to?

In a nutshell, saying, “I’ll try to be on time for our meeting” or “I’ll try to remember to pick up a couple of steaks for dinner” is effectively noncommittal and unjust.

But just leaving out the words “try to” isn’t enough. As Yoda points out, you either do or you don’t. You are on time for that meeting or you aren’t. You remember to buy steaks on your way home from work… or you don’t. Trying is defeatist.

“I will be on time for our meeting.” Will you? Can you guarantee that you will be? Of course you can. You can set off for that meeting 20 minutes early, to make sure you’re there on time. You can set your phone to alert you when you leave the office to “Buy some steaks for dinner” (don’t believe me? Check out the totally awesome app If This Then That, which does exactly what you’d think it does: If occurs (say, you leave the vicinity of your office block) then your phone should do Y (i.e. alert you with a reminder)).

But anyway, I’ve gone off topic slightly. I’m writing this because there are times when we all feel low. When we all feel like there is little we can do that makes a difference – in our own lives, let alone others’ lives. We all feel like we can’t even be bothered to try.

So I came across this “creativity hack” (their words, not mine) from Inc Magazine, that should hopefully inspire one or two of you as much as it did me. When you’re feeling as though even trying is too much effort, maybe have another look at life from one of these perspectives instead.

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