Christmas Ivy and Ancient Heather

Where is the snow?

It’s fast approaching Christmas and our house has become an advertisement for Santa’s grotto. Between my freelance work, my writing, and shopping for Christmas decorations, it has been one hectic month since I last updated you all.

We have strung garlands of Christmas ivy and some oddly peculiar red flower thing (don’t ask me, I just hand over the credit card when my fiance says “buy this!”) all around the apartment, and the tree is up and decorated. All we’re missing now is some snow. It’s been years since I made a snow angel.

How’s the writing going?

Work on the novel is coming along swimmingly. I’m just over halfway through the first draft and I finally have an ending in mind. I always knew how the story was going to end, but I was never entirely clear on how to get there. This weekend, I sat down and fleshed out the plan, filling in all the gaps that were leading towards my final climax.

50,000 words in and life in ancient Ireland is very clear to me. I almost wish I lived there myself!

One of the chapters in the novel makes use of ancient heather. Or heather in general, I should say. Did you know that, although heather is in abundance in the Irish countryside, it’s very rare to find heather with white flowers? If you do, hang on to it! It’s supposed to be lucky!

We’re going shopping now – more Christmas decorations (it’s an illness, I swear – is there a pill for Christmasitis?). I’d like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

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