Back on the wagon

“Back on the wagon” is probably the wrong analogy, but it’s all I could think of for now. After months of procrastination stemming from a violent bout of writers’ block, I picked up my laptop this afternoon and started tapping away at the keys. The first few hundred words came painfully slowly. It took me 6 hours to write 250 words (this blog post is already over 60 words and it has taken me 20 seconds to write!), but once I was in the flow, the words came readily. It is now 12:40am and I’m still writing. I’ve just come to a scene closure and I’m reviewing what I have just written.

Now I know what it feels like when Whoopi Goldberg was Back in the Habit. That was probably a better title for this post, but it’s too late now.

Nor do I have the time to debate the ins and outs of blog-post titles. I have a novel to write. And right now, my fingers just won’t stop typing!

I’ll update you all again tomorrow on my progress. Áed is shaping into an astonishing character. He’s just been covered in blood (not his!) and it didn’t phase him. I couldn’t say the same for myself!

One thought on “Back on the wagon

  1. Great to hear you’re back writing again sorely missed you, can’t wait for your next book keep up the good work let it all flow 😊

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