About Peter J Merrigan

Peter J MerriganI was born on a snow-laden evening in early January, less than half a century ago (but more than a quarter), in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Growing up the second son of a small (by Irish standards) family, I could let my imagination run wild in the fields and forests that surrounded our town before those trees were flattened to make way for more and more housing projects.

It was that very imagination—that in those days allowed me to pierce the tough hide of dragonskin and soar through the sky as Superman—that brought me to where I am today, with three novels published and various short stories (and even the odd poem or two) in anthologies.

I first left Northern Ireland in 1997 to study a Bachelor of Arts in Writing at university in London, with the clear intention of returning home as an undergrad and remaining in my native land thereafter. But the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men… as they say.

It took me 19 years to return to Ireland, whereupon I fell in love again with this evergreen world of wonder. These days, I don’t mind the rain so much—the glass isn’t half empty or half full… it’s simply refillable.

I am currently working on an Irish-based, Celtic-themed (hopefully epic) novel set c.250 BCE. You can read more about it here.

The Work in Progress

Enter the epic world of a land at war—2,000 years ago.

In a bold move, Peter J Merrigan turns his hand from contemporary thrillers to the brave Celtic warriors of yesteryear. Join him as he details his experience in researching, writing, and falling in love with the proud and fiercely independent people of Ireland’s past, and two boys’ extraordinary journey into adulthood. Living and dying by the sword has never meant so much… until now.

Follow the story now in Peter’s Work in Progress.