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Irish-born Peter J Merrigan is a writer whose stories often invoke a deep sense of displacement in the lives of his protagonists. From parental kidnap to familial homicide, no one gets out of these novels unscathed. Throw yourself into the underbelly of the world today.

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Well-paced and fluid, constantly carrying the reader along the narrative to its heart-wrenching yet life-affirming conclusion. Highly recommended.

Highly recommended

Rich5691 (

This was a roller coaster of a story which is really well paced. It was one of those rare books that is difficult to put down.

Rollercoaster of a novel

Mark Cooke (

Brilliant & beautifully written – I can thoroughly recommend this book.


lisa45530 (

5 stars because it’s been a long time since a book moved me so much.

Truly moving

Michelle (

The Work In Progress

Find out more about Peter's latest novel as he continues to write and edit it, a novel like nothing he has written before - set in Celtic Ireland.
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The Rider Series Will Return

The news my editor has been waiting for - as well as my latest novel-in-progress set in Celtic Ireland, I have finally put finger to keyboard on Rider's finale - due to be published in 2018.
Peter J Merrigan

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